Review of Squeezing KO Cuties

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSqueezing KO Cuties – 19 mins

If you love beautiful females in skimpy bikinis applying tight scissor holds and a few other wrestling holds to a knockout then you’ll love this custom video. We skip all the circling, locking up, tossing, etc and get right down to the actual holds by fading into each scene with the holds already applied. This allows more time to focus on the actual struggle, the cute faces all scrunched up and held tightly in her opponent’s thighs, the desperate clawing and prying for release, and the final sigh before going limp. You’ll see tons of sweet scissor positions as well as a few head locks, a breast smother, and a tight school girl pin. And in case you have one favorite girl over another, Peyton and Lisa apply the same holds and knockouts to each other! In the end, we’re ALL winners here! Don’t miss this sexy scissor video!

The idea behind this video is something I can really get behind, a bit like a highlights vid this video skips right to the good part. I also like that Lisa and Peyton seems to be starting a little rivalry, which I think is cool, as I mentioned when we first met Lisa, she’s close to Peyton size so back and forth action between them works really well. This vid does a great job of being right in the action, with nice close ups of the struggling and the KOs. The things I’d like to add to this style of video is to see the holds released and see the victim laid out on the mats and more emphasis on the KOs. I don’t necessarily mean OTT reactions, but just a little more than what we got in this one. Other than that I think this kind of vid has great potential, great close ups and quick and simple KOs, a lot can be done with that.

Overall score: 8/10