Review of Squeezing KO Cuties II

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSqueezing KO Cuties II – 16.5 mins

If you loved the first installment of “Squeezing KO Cuties” featuring Peyton and Lisa you’ll LOVE this one featuring Lisa vs Persephone! As in the first one, we skip all the circling, locking up, tossing, etc and get right down to the actual holds by fading into each scene with the holds already applied. Lisa and Persephone, looking adorable in their tiny string bikinis, desperately claw and pry at each other’s legs trying to get free but always end up going to sleep from the pressure. You’ll see tons of sweet scissors, a few head locks, a breast smother, and a tight schoolgirl pin. These two cuties really have fun working each other over to the final victory poses! Enjoy!

This one is much like the first one, swapping Peyton out for Persephone. I wouldn’t ever call that an upgrade as Peyton is freaking amazing, I’m just obsessed with Persephone, so let’s call that a fair trade. The formula is the same, as mentioned in the description, no time for lock ups or tossing around, nope, straight to the holds already locked in and then the inevitable KO. As I mentioned in the review of the first installment, I really like this format, feels a bit like a highlights vid and really love how Rick gets up close and into the action with his camera for these vids. I still feel like the selling here leaves a little to be desired and again, I don’t mean they have to sell it OTT, just would like see a little more… Something, for the KOs. The struggling is great though. I hope they experiment with this series, I think they are on the verge of something great, I just hope we get to see it.

Overall Score: 8.5/10