Review of Spydra

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesSpydra – 22 mins

How do you capture a superheroine who is a physical specimen and knows various forms of combat? You use her naïve sense of justice and her overconfidence against her. But most important, you need to be in control of the situation and fight your prey on your own terms and in your own lair. Sandman has set a trap for Spydra, one he thinks she won’t be able to overcome. Will he succeed or will Spydra prevail? Find out in this action packed episode. co-produced by Sleepy Superheroines and Matteo Piccinini’s Dollmaker Studios!

Sleepy Superheroines has teamed up with Dollmaker Studios and have made quite the theatrical superheroine video. I have no idea who Dollmaker Studios is or what they have done before this, but clearly they are a quite the professional production team as this video is very “Hollywood” and not the amateur style the other Sleepy Superheroine vids have been, which is both good and bad. Bad because I kind of liked the simplistic style of the other vids and I also like it starring girls I knew. Good because the camera work, setting, editing, graphics, basically the entire production is 10x better than anything you could do with a camera on a tripod in a hotel room. The cast is European, I think and won’t dare try to guess any more specifically than that. So, they have a bit of accent, but even though English is clearly not they’re first language, I had no problems understanding any of the dialog. That being said, the action in the vid is pretty good. The intro is dramatic and a bit drawn out, but once you get through that we get an incredibly over confident superheroine who gets KO’d ever times, in a couple of different ways, tide up for a bit and eventually captured, all of which are great things to see and done pretty good. The villain is pretty good too, also quite cocky. Our bad guy did do a weird sniffing the hair/face of our superheroine at one point, but he did it almost like he was hyperventilating or something really loud and off putting, but otherwise used nice attacks and was overall a good bad guy. Overall, I think the joint production is a positive step for Sleepy Superheroines, maybe tone the drama down a little bit, but Dollmaker Studios is clearly very good with a super high production quality and think we will see some really cool vids from them in the future.

Overall Score: 9/10