Review of Spy Games

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Review of Dream FantasiesSpy Games (Full Scene) – 50 mins

The girls give fine performances in this exciting tale of intrigue. Spy Charlotte gets a visit from her fellow spy Star. But Star has turned against Charlotte. She subdues her with a dart, a shot, a cloth and a spiked lipstick. Star strips Charlotte and plays with her hot body.

I bring this Anton video to you guys for a few reasons, first and most importantly, it stars Charlotte Stokely. A lovely gal that I first saw at XCW and have loving ever since. Secondly, it starts out as a gun fun video and I don’t think I’ve seen that from Anton before and I know you guys do love those spy demise style of videos. And lastly it a 50 minute video, all about knocking out and taking advantage of Charlotte that only cost 30 bucks. I don’t often talk about price, but when I really think you’re getting a bang for your buck I got to bring it up. Also, if you’re don’t know who Charlotte Stokely, or Anton Productions are this is would be one hell of an intro, as this video really covers a lot of material, from gun fun sleepy darts, to injections, to chloroform, drugged lipstick, there a little bondages, tons of limp play and stripping, all sold amazingly by the beautiful Charlotte and controlled by the evil spy and equally as lovely Star. This is like the one stop shop for all things Anton and a great great look at just how awesome Charlotte is.

Overall Score: 9.9/10