Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSPY BATTLE: SUMIKO vs SAPPHIRE – 32 mins

Super assassin Sumiko breaks into Sapphire’s lair in order to challenge her to a lethal duel!   The battle is brutal and starts with Sumiko in the lead, but Sapphire proves to be too much for her!!!  Sumiko is eventually DESTROYED by the superior fighter… a thing we know her fans love to see!!!

Long story short, ladies and gentlemen, this here is easily Sumiko’s most over the top performance ever. And quite frankly that should be enough for any and all OTT fans to stop right here and go grab this video, that is if you wanted this long and needed me to tell you that. But, much like the video where Sumiko was dominated, mostly, by Miss Velvets, Sumiko again delivers an awe inspiring OTT performance destined for the record books, this time at the merciless hands of Sapphire. Sumiko does score one KO at the very beginning, but she turns her back on Sapphire and from that point on its endless twitching, drooling, tongue protrusion with some humiliation along the way. And one of the best parts for me is that Sapphire would just stand there and watch, allowing Sumiko to twitch and drool for a while before moving on to the next move or hold. Speaking of, Sapphire uses some great power moves, even a new one and foreign object to KO Sumiko repeatedly, as she tends to do. Overall, this is the best video of this update, but actually not by far as there are some other amazing videos I can’t wait to cover for you guys. But without a doubt this is the must own video of the update. Squash fans and OTT reaction fans cannot miss this one.

Overall score: 10/10