Review of Spies Vol 2

Review of DefeatedSpies Vol 2 – 17 Mins

lilithLilith plays different Spies in this video. Tracy is a lesbian soldier, who needs to KO all these spies and snap their necks. Not before taking advantage of their body of course. Tracy easily defeated them all, sneaking behind them, and with sleeper holds knocking them out. Tracy then loves girls, so she plays with the limp body of the spies, kiss her, touching her tits… before snap their necks!

Got some more defeated action for you guys and this time Lilith is back as the unsuspecting sentry, who is repeatedly KO’d, felt up, then neck snapped. This time Tracy is that attacker, but again Lilith starts in a sweat suit. Luckily, once she KO’d she always has her top removed, exposing her tiny, sexy body for groping and kissing. This time it’s not always a sleeper used to KO Lilith, as one time she’s headscissored for the KO and Tracy finds a few creative ways to snap her neck. Lilith struggles nicely for each KO, with a little eyerolling too. This one feels a little shorter than the first one, but still delivers a great show. Always great to see Lilith out cold like this.

Overall Score: 9/10