Review of Spies KO, Ragdoll, Neck Snap, Repeat

Review of DefeatedSpies KO, Ragdoll, Neck Snap, Repeat – 10 mins

Stella plays a sentry, who isn’t too good at her job as she keeps getting sneak attacked by a spy played by Katana. Each time Katana sneaks up on Stella, she KOs her with a sleeper hold and each time Stella gets KOs she give us great tongue protruding and eye rolling reactions. Once KO’d Stella stay out while Katana does as she pleases. The first KO Katana kisses Stella’s beautiful belly and plays with her nipples. The next KO Katana bends Stella almost in half with a brutal boston crab, even though still KO’d you can still see Stella reacting in pain. And on the third KO Katana give Stella a bunch of kneeling belly kicks that cause Stella’s body to convulse with each impact. In every scene after Katana has had her fun with her ragdoll sentry, she snap Stella’s neck. The last snap causes lots of twitching from Stella’s body as she and this video fades to black.

A pretty short but sweet video for Defeated, this one giving as a couple of quick looks at what we can expect from Stella whenever they get around to doing one of those twitchy ragdolls with her. I love Stella’s selling, all the eyerolling and tongue protrusion for the sleepers is amazing. Then when she’s out the ragdoll reactions from the boston crab are great, even without any twitching. Then the belly kicks on the unconscious Stella that make her body spams with each impact is literally glorious and finally on the last neck snap Stella’s body twitches wildly, like Elizabeth did when she got ragdolled by Stella, was fantastic. I almost feel like this was Stella trying to remind us that even though Elizabeth is really awesome, she is the original jobber girl for Defeated and she can sell better than anyone. At least that’s how I feel about this. But I know one day we will see Stella and Elizabeth sell some crazy over the top action for us all, side by side, then we definitely know not only are they both the best at Defeated, but who is the best of all. I know for a fact that day is coming, but for now this is some amazing over the top selling from Stella that I’m going to enjoy until that day comes.

Overall Score: 9.9/10