Review of Spies 5

Review of DefeatedSpies 5 (Neck Snaps!) – 8.5 mins

This video is divided in 4 neck snaps, with sleeperhold KO to start. Talia is looking around while Sarah Jain sneaks behind her. She KOs her with a sleeperhold, and start to ragdoll her before snapping her neck.

More Defeated action coming at ya, this one is a great combination of ideas. Starting with the spies/sentry style video, with short unconnected scenes and a little bit of the ragdoll thing, as Sarah KOs Talia, then puts her in a wrestling hold while she’s still out. Then back to the spies’ idea with a quick neck snap to end each scene. I think this is a great role reversal to the ragdoll video where Sarah was the jobber, now we get to see how Talia is and she is great. There is some twitching involved but nowhere near as much as there was in the ragdoll vid. Talia’s eyerolling is quite better than Sarah’s and Sarah doesn’t talk nearly as much. So for those who feel the super over the top ragdolling is a bit much this I actually a very nice alternative. I definitely want to see more vids like this, just to mix up the full ragdoll matches, with a few shorter scenes that add the struggling and neck snaps. A lot of great things continuing to come from Defeated.   

Overall Score: 9.5/10