Review of Spider Becca Meets Spider Madison

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms – Spider Becca Meets Spider Madison – 15 mins

Spider Becca opens this video as she talks to her camera henchman. She knows about a new super villain in town who calls herself Spider Madison and she plans to DESTROY her! Spider Becca tells her henchman to capture the beating on film so she can show it to the world. Cut to an hour later as Spider Madison enters the lair. The two Spider cuties trade punches until Becca gains the upper hand. An especially hard right hook spins Spider Madison around and Becca hoists the dazed beauty onto her shoulders in a torture rack! Becca uses her special powers and drains some of Spider Madison’s powers as she holds her. When Becca releases Madison she thinks the job is done but Madison is stronger than Becca thought. Before she knows it, Becca is caught in a tight head lock then punched out in front of the ring. The blond villain ends up in the ring and caught in Spider Madison’s torture rack! The spider beauties continue the battle with a main focus on torture racks until Becca manages to knock out her adversary and prove to the world who the strongest Super Villain is! Enjoy!

Torture racks is the name of this game, so be forewarned, there are several long held and energy draining torture racks in this video. That being said, it’s always great to see Becca in her now famous Spider Becca suit, any variation of them too. And as much a I’m not really a fan of the body suit look, it’s hard to complain about Madison’s suit either, in fact, I was actually interested to see what it would look like with the hood on too. The battle itself is alright, in my opinion. Like the fist fighting, love the exhaustion, especially Madison struggling back to her feet just before the final torture rack and I even liked the torture racks themselves, it just they lasted a little too long for me and really slowed the overall pace of the match down. Thing is, this was obviously a custom for a fan who loves torture racks and with that in mind both Becca and Madison make the racks look great. They can lift and carry each other super easily, or at least make it look easy and they both sell the slow energy draining submission holds perfectly. So there for I can imagine this customer was delighted, as would any other big fan of torture racks, after seeing this video. The only real change I would have liked, hopefully without ruining this video for the custom writer is, having Becca put Madison down at the very end. I would have loved to see Madison out could on the mats for the final scene instead of keeping her in the rack.

Overall Score: 8.5/10