Review of Spider Becca Meets Officer Aria

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSpider Becca Meets Officer Aria – 11 Mins

spiderOur video opens with a VERY weak Spider Becca stumbling into her lair. It seems that she hasn’t had anyone to steal powers from in a long time and can barely stand! The camera fades back and we find Officer Aria dressed in a skin tight body suit, thigh high boots, and long black gloves. The officer suddenly floors poor Spider Becca with a kick to the jaw! She mounts the stunned bad girl and delivers several face punches before pulling her into a tight head scissors! Spider Becca tries to reach out to steal Aria’s strength but finds that the woman is covered head to toe and has no bare skin showing. The blond officer works her weak foe over some more before finally clamping a sleeper hold on her. But as Spider Becca begins to fade she realizes there’s one place that Officer Aria doesn’t have covered … her face! Becca manages to reach back and apply a claw hold to Aria, quickly draining some of her strength. Becca escapes and the two girls duke it out. But as each of Spider Becca’s punches connect with Aria’s bare face she draws more power! Aria is finally subdued with a full on face claw and she drops to the carpet where Becca strips her out of her body suit to give herself “a little more skin to work with”! Our resident bad girl soon tosses the extremely weak Officer Aria in the ring to torment her with more wrestling holds and more claw holds on her exposed skin. The end finally comes when Spider Becca ties Aria up in the ropes, drains her last remaining strength, and then knocks her out with a sleeper hold! The evil Spider Becca is back!!!

Hopefully Spider Becca didn’t run into any real spiders in this one! I always enjoy these Spider Becca vids, not only because Becca looks so outstanding in those suits, but also because Becca loses for a little bit before she gets the chance to sap her opponent’s strength and it’s always a plus to see Becca losing, even if it’s just for a little while. Another great part about this series is, we also get a half-conscious foe being dominated by the powerful Becca. This time Aria, in only her second video at FWR, falls victim to Spider Becca. Aria does really good selling her defeat and looks awesome in and out of the police outfit. I am still holding out for someone to finally defeat the evil Spider Becca one day, but for now I am loving that suit and loving how weak and helpless she makes all her foes.

Overall Score: 9/10