Review of Sparrow Can’t Get Up

Review of Sparrow Summers Sparrow Can’t Get Up – 12.5 mins

I fight an invisible opponent in a boxing match that I just can’t seem to win! Personally, I think my water was spiked 😮 Someone stole my plan! Watch the fight get knocked out of me while my speech gets progressively more slurred and silly. Full of sleepy content, my signature twitch, and Grade A sparrow sleepy babble

This description is a bit of spoiler for another Sparrow video, as what is mentioned above isn’t for this video, but another one she did. Of course I know this because both this video and the one she’s describing above are both customs she did for me. For this one the title is very fitting, it’s the aftermath of a boxing match that didn’t go so well for poor Sparrow. We watch as Sparrow can’t get up. She tries her best to get back on feet, only to be still too weak and too dizzy to make it, falling back to the ground over and over, even passing back out multiple times and of course giving us some of her patented Sparrow twitching, there’s plenty of eye crossing and tongue protrusion too. She is also pretty silly throughout this video, making all sorts of goofy remarks and laughing at herself a bit too. In the end she finally makes it back on her feet and has a very short lived victory as she blacks out again and crashes down to the floor one last time. Sparrow totally nailed this one, she does a great job with the struggling, great twitching, of course, she’s pretty funny, definitely got me to laugh out loud a few times and she looks great doing it. This is a really simple idea and Sparrow made it awesome. This is the best Sparrow Summers “Productions” video I’ve ever seen, that is until she did the one she kind of spoiled in this one’s description. Nonetheless, check this one out and anxiously wait for her to release the next one, you won’t be sorry.

Overall Score: 10/10