Review of Sparrow Can’t Get Up 3

Review of Sparrow SummersSparrow Can’t Get Up 3 – 21 mins

I just never seem to learn my lesson do I? I put up a fight at first but after taking such a beatdown, it’s hard to stay on my feet. Will I ever stay up for a whole match? Seems unlikely. Watch a series of epic KOs, twitchfits, and slow, sensual body shots.

Oops I did it again… that is set Sparrow up for another brutal POV boxing beat down. I just enjoyed my last custom with Sparrow so much I pretty much just told her to do it again and of course she did. As promised, I did have her wear something different this time, but of course she’s still wearing those converse boots that I just love so much. This time the fight is done indoors, so the lighting isn’t spectacular, but you can still see all the action without issue. Of course there’s lots of twitching and I really have to give Sparrow some serious credit for doing all that twitching on the hardwood floors. So I don’t blame her for falling on the bed instead some times. Also this time Sparrow fights back too, well I say fights back, but really she though some decent punches early on and then was too punch drunk to really do anything useful, just wild, misguided punches, which of course I loved. The camera lady also reaches in for a few limb checks, which also resulted in some nice body pans and close ups of her butt, legs and boots, all good things. There was plenty of eye crossing and tongue out too, through all her dizziness. She did stop twitching completely at the end of her KOs, after twitching on the ground for a while, before struggling back to her feet. I would have like her to keep twitching the whole time, but it’s a pretty minor thing. Her struggle to make it back up to her feet were excellent and it got much harder for her over time, making the last time seem nearly impossible. Overall, I am again totally satisfied with my Sparrow custom, she continues to be amazing and I cannot wait to see what dastardly situation I put her through next.

Overall score: 9.9/10