Review of Sparrow Can’t Get Up 2

Review of Sparrow SummersSparrow Can’t Get Up 2 – 21 mins

Once more I just can’t seem to stay on my feet! Enjoy 20 minutes of nothing but goofy KOs, one right after the other. How long can I take such a barrage of knock outs? Will I ever stay on my feet for more than 2 minutes? Only time will tell! KO after KO with plenty of eye crossing, twitching, and booty falls to win over the hardest of hearts

The second installment of my very own Sparrow series continues here, as I said in my other review, that previous video was my favorite Sparrow productions vid until a saw this one. This one puts together my previous idea with Sparrow having a really hard time making it back to her feet and mixes it with the more traditional POV boxing style video. So poor Sparrow is great repeatedly knocked down and knocked out and then of course we get that amazing eye crossing and patented twitching we all love Sparrow for. Also uniquely, this kick ass video is also shot outside as a little added bonus. Again Sparrow delivered exactly what I wanted for this video. I also love that she had converse boots that I can have her wear in every video, because that’s my favorite thing, aside from the OTT reaction of course. Of course I’ll ask for some different outfits, but the boots will always be a thing for me. In fact, I have already ordered another vid from Sparrow just like this one, that hasn’t been shot yet. This one was just so perfect I literally just asked her to do it one more time, of course it will be a little different but it’ll basically be the same thing and I just cannot wait until she has a chance to get it done for me.

Overall Score: 10/10