Review of Sorority Fight

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Review of BaeFightSorority Fight – 26 mins

Sorority sisters Jessica and Britney just plain do not like each other. When both decide to run for sorority president, something has to give, and give it does. 5’10 Britney is very confident but the much smaller Jessica quickly serves notice that she’ll be no pushover. Wearing bikinis, both girls will do anything to win. It’s not just a fight, the loser must leave the sorority! Neither want that and push themselves past the breaking point to avoid the humiliation of surrendering to her hated enemy. This is an amazing film. This is the FULL FIGHT, 3 parts, with BOTH endings!

Got a new production for you guys, allow me to introduce you to BaeFight. These guys do scripted battles that are more realistic combat and not the silly, OTT, KO filled nonsense I normally gradate toward. I’ve seen a few of their videos so far, but this one was easily my favorite. it’s got a good intro, a bit too long, but good. you definitely knew which girl was which and who to root for. Of course I was rooting for the bigger girl, Britney, because the other girl, Jessica was too cute and tiny, she just had to lose. The fight was no bad, a little wrestling, a little cat fighting, and a bit of street fighting. I loved that they used the environment as a weapon, wrapping limbs and body’s over furniture and through stair railings. Jessica even brought a weapon, some kind of spray can, but unfortunately when Jessica went to use it, Brittiany just slapped it away and later used it on Jessica. They even take the action outside to the pool, but sadly no one actually got tossed in. The trash talking was definitely really good and plentiful. The bikinis looked great on both girls, but Jessica’s near thong bikini was definitely the center of my attention. The editing was pretty good. I did notice a lot of cuts, but most cuts were pretty clean and that’s a good sign for me, it means they are willing to cut, re-do a move or a scene and edit in post. A very important step that some productions think they can skip over, or shortcut and be fine, they’re wrong. As you may know I’m a KO addict, I just got to have KOs, so that punch in the face near the end was much appreciated by me. It’s the only KOs in the whole video, and it was short lived, but it counts and it was a great punch too. Overall I liked it, but I didn’t love it. The girls are sexy and super into the action and the story. I mean these girls really seemed pissed at each and at times were trying to kill each other. the action itself isn’t too bad, they’re new so I can’t complain too much, and they’re going for a rougher more realistic style of fighting and not trying to do prostyle, which is fine, but for me, I’d like to see a few more KOs, longer KOs, or at least some good KO endings would be awesome. Also, every now and then if they could do something stupid, silly and over the top, I’d just love to see that. All the fights don’t have to be anger driven. Sometimes some silly madness with the girls just goofing around and of course knocking each other out would be amazing. There’s a lot of potential here, and even though it’s not exactly my style, it could be one day. For now, this was a nice first impression and I look forward to seeing what BaeFight does next.

Overall Score: 8/10