Review of Sordid Stalker Series: Alexis

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsSordid Stalker Series: Alexis – 12 Mins

AlexisAlexis is a spoiled socialite, accustomed to her affluent sparkly lifestyle. She’s preparing for yet another over the top evening out when you walk in. You’ve been watching her closely, unbeknownst to her of course, for months now… biding your time patiently in the shadows to launch your delicious plan. When you enter the room with gloved hand, the haughty bitch initially mocks you with threats of ‘who she is’ and what her ‘father will do to you’. You are so focused on her beauty and what you are about to do that your face and body remain stoic with sleepy erotic intent. You walk forward, backing Alexis against the bed before covering her mouth and noise with the chemical soaked rag. It’s from this point our sassy and gorgeous brat realizes who has the upper hand and glove. Alexis becomes fully undressed/nude before you eventually have her as yours to keep, forever, as your limp play thing…

I’ll be honest, I have no clue who Alexis Grace is, but she looked great in the preview and in even better in the actual video. I love how she started out real smug, thinking you couldn’t touch her, but quickly changed her tune after the first KO. I love her eyes, they’re very pretty in general and roll back very nicely. I also like that you make her gag herself, not that she was doing much talking and she did take a while to get it on right, but still loved seeing that. We get some nice stripping, nice topless action, for added humiliation and fondling. A really nice selection of KOs toys, all sold really well by Alexis. Plenty of limp play and close ups, although we don’t get too may looks lower than her knees, which sucks a bit because she had some nice heels on and we barely got to see them. Overall an easily enjoyable clip and a nice introduction for me to Alexis. So, I may not have known who Alexis Grace was before seeing this video, but I know now and I definitely want to see her in more sleepy, KO roles like this.

Overall Score: 8.5/10