Review of Something To Kink About

Review of Velvets FantasiesSomething to Kink About – 23 mins

We fade in on the lovely Coco making a special video for her boyfriend (who’d recently indulged her in a few of her specific kinks).  His actual tastes make themselves known moments after he interrupts, however.  A sleeper hold brings his beautiful prey to his level, leading to unconsciousness and tons of play time.  He plays with her limp body, bringing her back, stripping her down, carrying her limp body for his pleasure, and wearing her mind to a submissive sleepy state until his sleepy fetish becomes her own. A final syringe to his lover’s perfect derriere seals this new connection.  She fades into the warmth and comfort of deep unconsciousness as her man carries her limp body away for an evening’s worth of play and never-ending discovery.

Coco, Jacquelyn and Sleeperkid have come together again to make another amazing sleepy/limp play video. This time SK and Coco are a couple that are experimenting with their fetishes. Of course SK’s sleepy fetish is what have come to love seeing from Coco. At first, Coco is very nervous about this new experience, but after a few KOs, she’s either too dazed to resist, or is actually starting to enjoying herself. Either way, SK had no plans on stopping and we are treated to more of that amazing selling that Coco has proven to be so great at. Although the story has changed, this one is still packed with all the things we love to see, plenty of great KOs, limp play, stripping and sexy camera angles. There just can’t be enough Coco vids for me. I hope Coco visits again soon and her, Jacquelyn and SK make more magic just like this one. Another job well done.

Overall Score: 10/10