Review of Sock Destruction

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Review of Kayla Eternal DreamsSock Destruction – 9 Mins

KaylaKayla’s friend has a secret foot fetish, he longs to see her bare feet but she is always wearing socks and shoes. He comes up with a plan… throwing out all her socks and shoes and then knocking her out with a cloth. Once she is limp he lays her down and removes her sneakers. Then he cuts and tears up her socks and worships her nearly bare soles before finally tearing the socks entirely and massages her bare cute little size 5 soles.

This is another review brought to you by request. A very simple clip with focus on a fetish that is new to me. It starts out with one chloro KO after the quick and easy setup. Then Kayla is laid out face down on the couch and her shoes are removed. Then as the title suggests, there is the ripping, cutting and tearing of her socks. Which I’m not surprised, but I did find out that sock/clothing destruction is totally a popular fetish. I pretty clueless as to what people into this fetish look for, but Kayla socks are shredded before they are finally removed and I would assume that fits the bill for a good sock destruction video. There a little more barefoot worshiping before the video comes to an end. I personally enjoy the chloro KO, well sold my Kayla, and the fact that you and see Kayla peacefully sleeping in the background, as well as a little of the foot fetish thing. So for me, even though I have zero of the clothing destruction fetish, I do love some sleepy Kayla Obey and a little sneaker/foot/limp fetish and that’s the parts of this video that I enjoyed.

Overall Score: 8/10