Review of So Close But So Far

Review of Velvets FantasiesSo Close But So Far – 31 mins

Jacquelyn is excited. She has an opportunity to work with a new photographer tonight, one that she’s only heard good things about. He’s pretty new around town, so none of her friends have had the chance to work with him yet. That means she’ll be the first girl in his portfolio. That’s a temptation she just can’t turn down. Unfortunately for her, the newfound object of her attention isn’t exactly all that he’s made himself out to be. When she arrives at his house and begins to pose, she quickly learns the depth of her mistake as his ‘camera’ fires a tiny but potent tranq dart! Jacquelyn struggles to regain consciousness, but her new friend has all manner of torments in store for her. Each time she wakes, she finds herself rendered limp once more by one of his nefarious toys. The dastardly imposter even forces her to knock herself out, threatening that his methods will be much more harsh. As the night winds down for the villain, he presents Jacquelyn with his finest creation; a knockout liquid that will not only put her down, but will erase all memory of the evening’s events! Is this the first time that Jacquelyn has met her tormentor, or is this only one of the money nights she has met him for the first time?

I just love seeing videos where it’s just Miss Velvets getting knocked out over and over again. She’s obviously one of the best in the business and it’s always wonderful to get a video that just focuses on her. I enjoy it even more when she’s got this shirt skirt on and thigh high boot, doesn’t matter if she’s playing a spy or just a model getting into a bad situation, this outfit always looks great on her. I love that this video is just jam packed with KOs and also a lot of dizzy / half consciousness. There are a ton of different toys used that all make Jacquelyn give us a great eye rolling reaction before going to sleep. That to me is the best part of this, all the full white eyes we get from Jackie. The fact that this is done as a POV also helps a lot with the great close ups of Jackie going under.  Videos like this, are just Jacquelyn getting KO’d again and again have got to be some of my favorite Velvets videos, especially ones like this where she keeps her boots on the whole time and the mini skirt helps a lot too.

Overall Score: 10/10