Review of Snow White & the 7 KOs

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Review of Ludella Hahn’s Fetish AdventuresSnow White & the 7 KOs Mostly Sleepy & Dopey Though – 23 Mins

Snow White is invited to a party by POV, but it turns out she was the only guest. Feeling uncomfortable when POV makes advances, she says she’s going to go home. He offers her an apple and tells her to try it. Feeling guilty for leaving, she humors him with a bite… but she had no idea what special ingredient he had added to it. “It’s an…interesting…flavor…” She manages to mutter, her eyes rolling, crossing, and fluttering before she falls over on the couch with the apple still in hand. POV takes it and begins to play with his Snow White ragdoll, fully limp and asleep. He plays with her limp limbs and caresses her curvy body. When she begins to stir, he conks her over the head with the apple, putting her back to sleep. Then he begins undressing her, removing the dress, then the bra so he can jiggle and grope her BIG TITS. While he’s aggressively jiggling her tits she begins to stir again. He backs off to watch her put it together. She starts to groggily panic when she sees she’s naked… until CONK! Down on the ground again. He removes her high heels to reveal her stocking feet, manipulating her legs and hands. Next time she groggily wakes, he shoves the apple into her mouth and makes her jaw bite into it. Her eyes roll and cross until her head falls back limp and she’s sitting propped up like a ragdoll. He plays with her big tits and caresses her curves. Next time she wakes, groggily trying to help herself up with the couch… CONK… and out she goes, falling onto the couch with her butt sticking out nicely for POV to grope and spank her BIG BUTT and remove her ruffle panties. When she wakes to find she’s so exposed, the panic sets in and she struggles to get away from him, but she’s so DOPEY and SLEEPY that it doesn’t take much to have her falling back on the ground again asleep. He rolls her over and plays with her limp arms and jaw, then caresses up her stocking leg to her HAIRY BUSH. Seven different times Snow White is put to sleep, and then POV props her up on the couch, face down ass up and puts the apple on her apple bottom like a trophy. Now she belongs to him. She’s his to do what he wants with…

Here is a very fun limp play video from Ludella Hahn, a very good looking girl that I’ve seen once or twice before this and she has always been good so far. I love the Snow White story here really adds a lot of humor to this limp play video. Her custom is awesome, she makes a great looking Snow White, I love the “poison” apple KOs, especially the second one where stuffs it in her mouth and using the apple as weapon works great too. Ludella has big beautiful eyes that don’t cross or roll that well, but still gets the idea across and are great to look at no matter what she’s doing. The stripping of her costume is broken up nicely, due to her waking up a good number of times, but eventually she’s left in just her garter belt and stocking. Plenty of good groping and limp play along the way as well. This is a very fun, very unique limp play vid with the gorgeous Ludella.

Overall Score: 9.5/10