Review of Sneak Attack: Violet

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSneak Attack: Violet – 12.5 mins

Here we go again! During the huge multi female wrestling shoot done after Cyber Monday, Becca and Madison tricked several girls into a side bedroom where they gave them a stern warming not to f*ck with them … then beat the crap of the stunned girls! In this episode, Violet is the girl who is lured to the room then attacked! Becca hoists her up into a fireman’s carry then they throw her onto the bed for plenty of double teaming wrestling holds that squeeze, stretch, and cause plenty of pain to the rookie wrestler! In the end poor Violet is trapped between Madison and Becca for several belly punches then a HUGE double heart punch that puts her away for the final trophy victory pose! We know you’ll love this video!

Next up on the Becca and Madison’s hit list, or for us, the next rookie we get to see squashed is Violet. Much like Becca and Madison have done in the past, they double team the unprepared rookie, completely squashing her. I really enjoy this series because it gives us a great chance to see a lot of the new girls that have been flooding into FWR do some good jobbing. Violet has already managed to catch my attention, as her big eyes have already done some great eye rolling KOs and also has already been squashed a few times. I am glad we get to see her again in these series, as she is still really new to me and she is one of the new girls I am really liking so far. As with the other girls, Madison and Becca have no mercy and really run her through the ringer with great tag team submission moves and topping things off with a KO and victory pose. Again my favorite thing about Violet so far is the way she rolls her eyes for KOs. I think her selling overall is alright, but again, she’s new and I’m sure is still pretty nervous, as you could imagine. I look forward to watching her selling improve as she gets more conformable. She’s definitely someone I expect to be very good, very soon.

Overall Score: 8/10