Review of Sneak Attack: Persephone

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSneak Attack: Persephone – 11 mins

This video is a continuation of our “Sneak Attack” series. In the first encounter we discussed how many of the new girls were filming videos in the studio while Becca and Madison hatched a plan to lure them individually to the bedroom to teach them who are the real champions of FWR. In this episode, poor Persephone is attacked by the bad girls and twisted, squeezed, scissored, yanked on, lifted and clawed. The poor little girl is finally knocked out by Becca and Madison with a body scissor, stomach claw, and sleeper hold. Our two veterans then pose triumphantly with their trophy jobber!

I might have missed out on the first installment of this new series, but I am certainly not missing out on this one starring Persephone. I really love this idea of this series, because FWR has been getting a ton of new talent coming in and we haven’t really gotten a good chance to get to know them all, and this series is a fix for that, as I imagine Becca and Madison will go though a bunch of the new girls, if not all of them. But, I already love Persephone, I don’t think she really needs to be in this series, because I think she’s already off to a great start, but I wouldn’t ever turn down a Persephone squash video. I also love this black one piece with the thong, fishnets and converse boots and we get to see her in this outfit a lot lately because they shot so much that day. Anyway, this a nice vid, Becca and Madison take Persephone aside, double team her, total wreck her with a bunch of 2 on 1 moves then KO her. I still think Persephone is an awesome jobber and is still getting better. Becca and Madison of course a perfect heels, giving Persephone plenty of trash talk and evil smiles as they torture her. As much as I love Persephone, there is plenty of new talent I hope to see Becca and Madison have a word with soon and I look forward to seeing how they do.

Overall Score: 9/10