Review of Snaps Giving

Review of Velvets FantasiesSnaps Giving – 11 Mins

remiWe fade in on the Clone Master speaking to two of his favorite prototypes (Remi and Jacquelyn), and issuing a challenge that will decide which one of his creations will move up the agency food chain!  Both ladies (and their respective clones) will be let loose around the compound, with neck snaps reigning as the finisher of the day. Sneak attacks, cat fights, and double neck breaks claim a load of clones, leading to a final tally that prompts the Master to a momentous decision: to send both ladies on an assassination mission, thus proving once again that TWO un-snapped necks are better than one!

You guys have been asking me to review a bunch of these clone demise, neck snappy vids from Velvets, so I figured I would add my personal favorite of that genre. This is a short but sweet one that really passes by quickly, but with Remi and Velvets in high heels and sexy outfits this one has really stuck with me. The ladies get right into once the open set up is done, taking turns getting taken down, with a nice amount of added limp play, a few extra post death neck snaps, just to be sure and of course great death stairs. Out of all the great neck snappy vid Velvets has done, this may still be my #1 to this day and at only 11 mins, the price is perfect even if you don’t end up loving it as much as I do.

Overall Score: 9.5/10


7 comments on “Review of Snaps Giving
  1. Profile photo of McChurl McChurl says:

    Just recently I was wondering what had become of Remi ? SKW and Velvet’s Fantasies were both keeping her busy , but she seems to have disappeared . The same could be said for Arden Adaire .

    • Arden I think had some behind the sense issues that got her “Blacklisted”. Not 100% on that, but i think i remember something being said in the general direction.

      Remi on the other hand, i remember seeing her coming the visit SKW/Velvets time and time again, but never doing any shoots. So, the friendship is fine, but i guess she’s not interested any more.

  2. Profile photo of McChurl McChurl says:

    People come and people go …. And they retire and lose interest , too . I’m still bummed that Randy Moore quit doing fetish work . I guess the lesson to be learned is get your customs made while the girl of your choice is still available , because tomorrow she might go on to other things .

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