Review of Sluggish, Soft, weak Lucy

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Review of Queen LusySluggish, Soft, weak Lucy – 13 mins

In an empty house, in a quiet room, a beautiful and sexy Lucy is sleeping. Her sleep did not last long, a large woman begins to wake her up, and maybe a man. Lucy sleepy tries to fight back with all his might, but that lady is stronger, she attacked Lucy, and began her techniques. After that, ORGANISM Lucy is not able to do anything. She fell , and terribly rolled-up eyes. She is soft, her hands are hanging, her hair, legs, heels have fallen from her. This Madame in black has long watched her beautiful face and sexy body, she stroked Lucy.

This is a clip from a girl that is new to me, but judging by her 4000 plus clips, definitely not new to the business. A fan pointed out some of her KO clips, I saw some, enjoyed them and now I bring them to your attention. Now right off there start there is one thing that is clear, English is definitely not her first language, or I am even sure she speaks much of it at all, as these descriptions all seem to look like some kind of jargon straight out of google translate. And even though the store name is Lusy, the descriptions spells her name as Lucy. So I’ll just go with Lucy as that makes more sense to me. That being said, the action is pretty good, KO stuff on the simple side, with nice KOs and limp play, but there is one thing that really stands out about Lucy and that is her eye rolling. It’s a staple throughout most of the KO clips I’ve seen thus far and for good reason. I picked this vid to review first because I think it give you guys a good example of the level of eye rolling she capable of, the kind of limp play you can expect from her and I really loved her outfit and the partial removal of said outfit. I may been lead to someone who has the potential to be really amazing in the KO/limp play scene, but hasn’t gotten quite the right script yet. I plan on checking out more of her videos and as I discover some really good ones, I’ll be sure to review them here for you guys.

Overall Score: 8.5/10