Review of Sleepy Taste Test

Review of Velvets FantasiesSleepy Taste Test – 23 Mins

HannahAgent Hannah Perez has made a huge mistake… After volunteering to test an experimental sedative, Agent Perez follows the order… only to ingest too MUCH of the drug. She panics and calls her boss (played by SK), only to pass out on her bed.  He arrives moments later, finding her unconscious. He tries to wake her up but Hannah can only swim in and out of sleep, begging SK to let her rest. She asks him to put her out and he reluctantly agrees. He uses several methods to keep her under, all while inadvertently rag dolling the sleepy agent around the room. He carries her a few times in between the KO’s, finally deciding to call his superiors for advice. They tell him bring the agent in for tests, which he does with gusto… over the shoulder carrying the sleeping agent over his shoulder as we fade to black…

You guys know I love ragdoll vids, now I don’t go as ape shit for the sleepy ragdoll vids as I do for the wrestling ragdoll vids, but these are still a ton of fun for me. Add in that this one stars Hannah Perez and that only makes it better. Hannah is out cold for 90% of this vid and SK just has her rolling around, playing with her limp limbs and leaving her in a lot a great positions, as well as a few carries. We get a great look at every angle of Hannah’s sleeping body including what I would consider the perfect amount of feet shots. Of course, she gets stripped to bra and panties, which is almost a must have. She does have one sandal that hangs on for about half the video, which only added a little bit of humor for me. I love when Hannah kind of wakes up, she’s super out of it and only pleas to be put back to sleep. I love her dazed state. SK does as she asked and knocks her back out. There wasn’t as much eye rolling as I expected for the KOs. I assume it was requested that she take it easy on the eyerolling, which is a tiny bit of a letdown. But, I love Hannah, love these ragdoll, barely conscious, lots of limp play type of vids and love this video as a whole.

Overall Score: 9.5/10