Review of Sleepy Stepsister

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Review of Ludella Hahn’s Fetish AdventuresSleepy Stepsister – 13 mins

Ludella is POVs Bratty Valley Girl stepsister. They got their parent’s cabin for the weekend, which they thought was really cool, but of course Ludella thinks it’s rather boring with just the two of you, so she wants to invite a bunch of people over for a party. POV playfully makes some advances at her which she rejects. “Stop that. I get the joke. Har har…it isn’t funny… Now, I need a coffee run like whoa…” POV uses this as an opportunity to exact his plan. Since she wasn’t playing along with him, it’s time for a little assistance. He wants to take advantage of their alone time before she invites all her friends over. He goes on a coffee run and puts some sleeping powder in her coffee. “Oh thanks. I’m texting a bunch of people right now to see who can come over.” She continues to drink her coffee while texting, but she starts to get a little limp and whoozy. “Where’d you get this coffee? It’s having like the opposite effect of what it’s supposed to…” Her eyes start rolling and she falls back limp, dropping her phone. POV plays with her limp limbs. Yep, she’s out. He pushes her onto the floor and sits her up. He’s been wanting to see her tits forever. He pulls down her shirt. They’re big! DDs! He plays with them for a bit, but he wants to see more. He lifts her torso back onto the chair with her butt sticking out and lifts up her skirt. She is wearing bright blue cheeky panties. He unzips and pulls down her skirt, but when he starts to pull down her panties, she starts to wake up! Guess she didn’t drink enough… “What…what’s going…” She looks down and realizes her clothes are mostly missing and she begins to look worried. POV panics and bops her hard on the head. Her eyes flutter and roll around and soon she falls like a limp ragdoll again. She should be out for a while…he hit her pretty hard. He lifts her eyelids and just sees white. Then he poses her over the chair again with her big butt and bare legs and feet sticking out. He pulls down her panties. He’s been eyeing her big butt for a long time now…and he finally has his chance to experience it… He slaps and squeezes it…ready to have his way with her…

Ludella is a girl that I don’t know a ton about, and I haven’t seen too much from but the vids that I have seen with her have been really good. She’s is drop dead gorgeous, she can sell the KOs great and is a wonderful limp ragdoll, all of which you get a good example of in this video here. This vid is a super simple POV with a little bit of story added in. And just like how I am with Kayla Obey, simple doesn’t mean boring or uncreative. I love that Ludella’s hair is in pigtails, I think that looks so good. The drugged coffee trick and the head bonk are nice KOs, that she sells very nicely. There’s plenty of limp play as the POV slowly strips her clothes off, feeling her up a lot along the way and also gives plenty of close up shots of her amazing body. So, even though this is a simple limp play vid, and even thought the ending feels like things got cut short, it has all the things any one need in a sleepy/limp play video. I definitely need to see more vids with Ludella, she’s definitely someone who’s got the looks and the talent to put out some really amazing videos.

Overall Score: 9/10