Review of Sleepy Secretary

Review of DID MoviesSleepy Secretary – 22.5 Mins

DIDMimosa is a secretary & working overtime at the office…  It’s late at night, when an intruder chloroforms her & takes the unconscious girl with him to his house.  He carries her over the shoulder into the bedroom & lays her on the bed.  Mimosa starts to regain consciousness, but the masked man is prepared for that!  He brings out a big container filled with sleepy gas…  He puts the mask on Mimosa’s face & after a short struggle she drifts off to slumberland…  Her busy night at the office has turned into a sleep-induced nightmare…  And his fun begins…

This is my first review of a DID video, although I’ve seen a good handful of them before. This is a really nice one, it’s a really simple premise and executed excellently. Mimosa is a great victim, she looks fantastic, does some decent eyerolls and does some excellent struggling. Mimosa gets completely stripped naked, there’s lots of limp play along the way, rolling here back and forth, lots of sexy positions and wrestling with her clothes to get them off of her. I also liked that her shoes where one of the last thing to be stripped off, instead of the first like in most other vids. She wakes up a good number of time through the whole stripping process which really helps keep things entertaining. Each time Mimosa wakes up, she’s KO’s with the gas mask, again, her struggling against the gas mask is really awesome. Once she’s finally naked, we get one more KO a little more limp play before she’s carried away. This is an awesome sleepy vid, very simple, very good and a great beautiful girl.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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