Review of Sleepy Oil 3

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Review of Girls Getting SleepySleepy Oil 3 – 20 Mins

oilLily’s roommate brings home a special body oil that he’s promised will help her dry skin feel better. He kindly rubs the oil into Lily’s bare legs and feet, not telling her that it has an added chemical that makes her uncontrollably sleepy. Lily struggles to stay awake, but her eyes flutter as she begins to nod off. The effects are too powerful to resist, and Lily falls into a deep sleep. While she’s knocked out, her roommate plays with her limp body and rubs her bare feet. Each time Lily begins to wake up, he simply applies more special oil and watches her slowly pass out all over again.

This is a really unique idea for a KO technique from Girls getting sleepy. I really like the sleepy oil idea, something I’ve never seen before, but this works perfectly. Lily slowly and gently drifts off to sleeps as the oil is applied, then you got all the normal GGS limp play stuff you’ve come to expect as well as lots of close ups of her feet, face, legs and hands. There a good amount of wake ups and KOs. Each times she wakes up Lily is confused about what’s going on and why she fell asleep, but a little more oil and she easily goes right back out, she even likes the feeling of the oil being rubbed on her legs. Also the oil obviously makes her feet and legs shiny, which is just as obvious a good thing. Lily gives use some nice eye fluttering and a little eye rolling as she battles the oil. This is still what you would expect from GGS just with a very good KO technique.

Overall Score: 8.5/10