Review of Sleepy Love Affair

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsSleepy Love Affair – 15 Mins

CadanceHere we have two lovers, Jade and Cadence, who thoroughly enjoy their unique fetish. Jade creeps up her girlfriend’s stairs, and when Cadence opens the door, they lock together in a passionate embrace. Jade asks Cadence if she’s ready, and she excitedly replies yes. Jade is prepared as well, which leads to various tactics used to sensual send their lover to sleep, which give each sexy vixen ample time to caress, grope, kiss and fondle her body. Tactics used for KOs are: neck chop, sleeper hold, hand over mouth smother and foot smother. During the HOM smother, the receiving lady brings her lover to climax while she’s going out. The last scene shows both ladies mutually masturbating one another after a very sexy evening of sleepy fetish.

This is a super sexy vid with some really great KOs and limp play mixed in. It’s definitely a change of pace from all the usual stuff I cover, that focuses more on combat or KOs, this one is really about these girls enjoy some sexy time together, which just happen to involve some KOs. Having two girls that are super sensual about knocking each other out and playing with each other while they’re out is really sexy. Jade and Cadence are both outstanding in every way. From giving us great KO reactions, to really enjoying each other, they are both flawless and both outfits are really sexy too, which also helps. I would have liked a mutual KO at the end to really top this one off. I really enjoyed the sexiness of the this video, the not only willingness to be KO’d, but the enjoyment of it was really nice, an awesome job by Cadence and Jade.

Overall Score: 9/10