Review of Slams, Spins, & Pins

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSlams, Spins, & Pins – 20 Mins

spinYou’re going to LOVE this fast paced custom contest featuring two equally matched beauties! We begin with each girl, Becca and Madison, displaying their height and weight on paper as they stand in their corners. They start with a best 2 out of 3 falls Indian Leg Wrestling match followed by a best 3 out of 5 falls wrestling match. If you’ve never seen an Indian leg wrestling match we think you’ll enjoy this! They lay side by side, lift their legs 3 times, then hook them together to try and force the opponent to roll backwards! In the wrestling match we find Becca and Madison pretty equally matched. Madison takes an early advantage with a head lock on Becca, even parading the helpless girl around the ring! A quick hip toss followed by a HARD body slam has Becca in agony on the mat. After squeezing the blond with a body scissors, Madison finishes her off with TWO body slams, a FAST airplane spin, a diving body splash, and a 10 count cross body pin! You’ll find that each round in this series (yes there will be more of these matches coming!) ends with 2 body slams, an airplane spin, and a cross body pin. Personally, we love it! It’s rather “old school” and very effective! Anyway … Becca takes the next fall with a hammerlock on Madison while parading her around the ring, a snap mare, a clothesline, body splashes, a one legged neck scissor, and … 2 body slams, an airplane spin, and a cross body pin! The match continues at a fast pace as the beauties work hard to be the one to get the winning pin. We won’t tell you who wins, but the loser makes the mistake of saying something catty to the winner and ends up nearly bent in two from a nasty boston crab! She’s forced to admit TOTAL defeat as she begs and screams to be released! We give this custom a thumbs up! (or 2 body slams, an airplane spin, and a cross body pin! Ha ha)

This is a cool vid from FWR. I don’t quite get the whole Indian Leg Wrestling this and it didn’t really do anything for me, but luckily it was over in pretty much no time. Then once the wrestling got started I really started to have a lot of fun watching this one. I really like the slams, spins and pins idea, a lot of body slams and airplane spins that both Becca and Madison sell great. There’s also some nice corner work from both ladies as well. Even though there are no KO, I like the pins. They are barely conscious and struggle a bit in vain to get free, topped off with a victory pose for each pin. And the overall pacing is good too, they don’t hold any move for too long and the match flows very well. So even though I didn’t enjoy the different style of strength contest with the Indian Leg Wrestling, the regular wrestling is solid and a lot of fun to watch.

Overall Score: 8.5/10