Review of Slams, Spins, & Pins IV

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSlams, Spins, & Pins IV – 30 Mins

You’re probably familiar with the “Slams, Spins, and Pins” videos by now. Two extremely attractive females participate in a contest of strength and stamina. They begin with a best 3 out of 5 falls leg wrestling match the go at it in a best 4 out of 7 falls wrestling match. In this match we feature two bikini clad beauties, Becca and LeAnn, wrestling for the victory. The girls attack each other with head locks, hammer locks, body scissors, clotheslines, corner pounding, head scissors, hard body slams, dizzying airplane spins, and body pounding pin downs! In the end, one beauty takes the victory and adds insult to injury by slapping a Boston crab hold onto the loser! Don’t miss this epic 30 minute match featuring our two most popular beauties!

My opinion on these slam spins and pins matches doesn’t seem to be changing much, I don’t really care for the leg wrestling thing. The sooner that’s over with and we get to the wrestling part, the better. This time it was over fairly quickly, which is good. And I really love the slams spin and spins aspect, even with no KOs I find myself really enjoying the upbeat action, especially the pins. Becca and LeAnn are both excellent in their selling, both while winning and losing. Also Rick couldn’t be more right when he says “two extremely attractive females”. Becca and LeAnn have to two of the best looking ladies at FWR and their bikinis really help in showing that off. I’m going to keep looking forward to more of these style of videos because the wrestling in it is just great to watch.

Overall Score: 9/10