Review of Slams, Spins, & Pins III

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSlams, Spins, & Pins III – 22 Mins

The premise is the same as our previous Slams, Spins, & Pins matches but this one features two blondes in action. Bella Ink tries her best to defeat Becca and actually wins the beginning arm wrestling and leg wrestling challenges. But when it comes to actual wrestling, Becca is by far the most experienced. The girls battle it out with headlocks, hammerlocks, body and head scissors, clotheslines, hip tosses, and PLENTY of body slams, airplane spins, and cross body pins to a 10 count. The action is fast paced and at the end of each fall the loser is too tired to kick out of the pin. When the final victory is declared, the sore loser tells the winner that she got lucky, causing the angry winner to slap a painful boston crab onto the screaming loser! You’ll LOVE seeing Becca and Bella go at it in this intense wrestling contest!

As always with these growing series of vidoes, I’m not too interested in the leg wrestling contest, this one adds an arm wrestling contest, which also doesn’t interest me and takes away more time or at least takes longer to get the slams spins and pins, which I absolutely love. Bella Ink has been fantastic in her FWR videos thus far and continues to be in this video. It is so much fun watching Becca and Bella go back and forth in the wrestling section of this video. They both know how to work so well and sell everything excellently. Both Becca and Bella have very expressive faces and great eyes which makes all the action even more enjoyable. I really have become quite the fan of these slams spins and pins, even with no KOs I love the back and forth action and the exhausted pins. This is a good series, just need to toss the arm wrestling and the leg wresting out the window and get right to the wrestling. Bella and Becca have made the best one of these so far and really has me hoping to see Bella Ink back at FWR sometime soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10