Review of Slams, Spins, & Pins II

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSlams, Spins, & Pins II – 21.5 Mins

allieIf you enjoyed our first “Slams, Spins, & Pins” match featuring Becca vs Madison you’ll also love this match! Becca takes on Allie in a contest that begins with a best of three falls Indian Leg Wrestling match followed by a best of five falls wrestling match. The girls battle it out with headlocks, hammerlocks, body and head scissors, clotheslines, hip tosses, and PLENTY of body slams, airplane spins, and cross body pins to a 10 count. The action is fast paced and at the end of each fall the loser is too tired to kick out of the pin. When the final victory is declared, the sore loser tells the winner that she got lucky, causing the angry winner to slap a painful boston crab onto the screaming loser!

Before I get into the actual review, I quickly just have to call BS on Allie weighing 150. Unless those legs of hers are made from liquid steel, I just can’t imagine her weighting 150, just seems a little high in my eyes. Oh, but if Allie does weigh 150, can we get a round of applause for Becca body slamming and fireman’s carrying Allie and making it look easy? OK, review time. I don’t really get, or like the leg wrestling thing, but Allie dominated in that contest, so it was over in literally 60 seconds. Being over that quick, I consider that no harm, no foul. On to the slams, spins and pins, now this, even with no KOs, I really enjoy. It’s simple wrestling stuff, but with some good selling from both ladies, the quick rounds, 10 count pins and victory poses all make for a pretty entertaining thing to watch. Even though the rounds were back and forth, I feel like Allie had majority control. I also like the added boston crab for Becca talking a little smack after losing to Allie. Overall, this is like a little pure wrestling without any bells, whistles or silliness, which is ok to see from time to time.

Overall Score: 8.5/10