Review of SLAMpeg 4001: Alpha Female vs Violet Payne

Review of Slammin’ LadiesSLAMpeg 4001: Alpha Female vs Violet Payne – 12 mins

You might think you know how this match is going to turn out when Alpha Female faces Violet Payne in the SLAMminLadies Ring. And to be honest, you’d probably be right. In fact, it seems like the only person unaware of what’s about to happen is Violet. And she is about to find out. Violet makes the first move. Which is to say, Violet tries to make the first move. But any effect it has on Alpha is non-existent. After humoring Violet for a few minutes, Alpha goes on the attack, taking Violet off her feet in a matter of seconds. Violet tries to regroup, finding a baseball bat under the ring. Needless to say, she quickly strikes out. For Alpha, this is not so much if she is going to win but how. Counting a 10 count-pin (presumably just to add a little challenge to proceedings) scores the first falls but Alpha isn’t quite finished. She continues to punish Violet with a succession of submission holds, before finally ending the contest with an emphatic KO.

You guys seemed to like the pro style beatdowns you can get from Slamin Ladies, so with a lot of help from a fan, who’s helping me find the “SLAMpegs” I would enjoy most, it seems Slamin Ladies is going to have a spot here on my site, for most updates, for a while. And we start off with this lovely squash match. I don’t know either of these girls at all, but based on the size difference, the attitudes and how this match went, I really like both of them already. The beginning trash talk did go on for a while. As a fan of trash talking, you need this at the start to put some meaning on the upcoming fight, but taking just about 2 mins before the action gets rolling is a little bit too much. Violet Payne is our cute little jobber girl in this and after this match I think she should be called “Violent Pain”, because that’s what she felt all throughout this. I did love her confidence though, always thinking she had a chance to win, even though she never did. Right away I will say there is quite the advantage of getting two trained wrestlers, all the moves executed look amazing and impactful. Which is something you can’t get in too many places. Also in the same breath, pros react differently than models/actresses, so depending on what you’re looking for this can either hit or miss. For me this is easily more of a hit, as these big power moves result in some KOs, nothing OTT of course, but KOs are most important first and then the OTT reactions are a bonus. I did really enjoy how Violet sold this match, with a kind of silly dazed reactions, like stumbling around and just looking lost at times. And Alpaha was brutal, loving crushing her tiny opponent. This was the kind of unfair/lopsided matchups I love to see. I loved all the big moves I got here and how good they looked. I also liked that outfits and that this one not only ending in a KO, but had a few extra along the way.

Overall Score: 9.5/10