Review of SLAMpeg 2842: Taylor Made vs Thunderkitty

Review of Slammin’ LadiesSLAMpeg 2842: Taylor Made vs Thunderkitty – 11 mins

Thunderkitty makes a very simple promise to Taylor Made at the outset of their match. “I am gonna put you to sleep.” Thunderkitty always makes good on her promises. Over and over again. In fact, it takes less than two minutes before the Kitty whips Taylor off the ropes and into a Sleeperhold that puts her out cold on the mat. Taylor is rudely awoken only to be snapped back to the mat and rendered unconscious again via a hand-over-mouth smother. Things never get any better for poor Taylor, who is repeatedly knocked out via Sleeperholds, Bearhugs and Camel Clutches, only to be woken up so that Thunderkitty can dish out more punishment. It all adds up to a long day for Taylor. Fortunately, she won’t remember very much of it.

This clip has got a few years on it, but still holds up nicely. A good ol’ fashion pro style, heel vs jobber squash match and I get a few KOs in this one too. Of course, it’s the multiple KOs that makes this a good video, in my opinion. I am also a fan of Taylor Made and her jobbing skills, although I haven’t seen anything with her lately. I do remember having a decent collection of matches where she lost and she always put on a good show. I also liked how Taylor starts off cocky, thinking she could stop Thunderkitty for putting her out. Taylor’s outfit is another plus too, boots, knee pads and fishnets are great look. I don’t know anything about Thunderkitty, her name makes me laugh, she a good heel though, showing Taylor no mercy and being strong enough to toss Taylor all over the ring. All of that is good stuff, I just haven’t seen or heard of her any place but here. Overall, as I said, it’s classic jobber vs heel action and this jobber matched with this heel worked out great.

Overall Score: 8/10