Review of SLAMpeg 1786: Santana vs Chasyn Rance

Review of Slammin’ LadiesSLAMpeg 1786: Santana vs Chasyn Rance – 9 mins

Referee Kimberly doesn’t have a whole lot to do in this vicious, one-sided contest. Unfortunately for Santana, Chasyn’s confidence turns out to be merited as his overwhelming strength preempts any and all resistance Santana may have put up. He catches her in midair as she launches her very first move. And it’s all downhill from there. Chasyn tosses Santana from pillar to post, delivering a relentless series of power moves. Over the knee Backbreakers, Tombstone Piledriver, regular Piledrivers, Suplexes, elevated Shoulderbreaker all make an appearance. Her slender neck is stretched this way and that with chokes, Neckbreakers, Half Nelsons, Camel Clutches–Chasyn is merciless. By the time one final high impact move drops Santana on her head, Kimberly could probably have counted to 30 and the hapless brunette still wouldn’t have made it up off the mat.

Alright, I think last time I said I wouldn’t do another Santana squash match after I did the last Slammin’ Ladies review, which of course was a Santana squash, but then I came across this vid and I just had to review it first before moving to other entertaining jobbers. The reason is because this is probably one of the brutal beatdowns I have ever seen from Slammin’ Ladies ever. This was almost like a SKW Tiny squash as it had several piledrivers, some other great looking power moves and Santana was nearly a ragdoll by the end. But in true Slammin’ Ladies fashion the ending is over before you know it, with the final pin, which was just a boot on the chest, victory pose and the final look at the defeated Santana was all over in about 10 seconds, with a fast pin count, a decent victory pose and no real look at Santana in her final resting place, as the video fade out before providing a good look. I don’t know about you guys, but after a great destruction of a beautiful jobber, I kind of like to see some of the aftermath. Other than that, Santana really gets crushed in this one, which I just really love to see. The repeated piledrivers were great and pretty rare in any place other than SKW. And now I will actually move on to someone other than Santana for my next Slammin’ Ladies review.

Overall Score: 9.5/10