Review of SKW’s Audition Tape

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Review of Kayla ObeySKW’s Audition Tape – 23 mins

(Not affiliated with SKW, just a custom video haha) “Hi, I’m Kayla. I know SK loves super over the top KOs, and to tell the truth, I really want to join the SK World roster. I also believe I can sell these KOs better than any of the other girls. I love doing over the top KOs and being dominated, acting silly and goofy. Me VS Tiny would be the best squash video of all time. I’m going to film myself so you can see how truly exaggerated and goofy I can be.” What follows is a one-sided KO match, with Kayla demonstrating her over the top abilities. She describes the move before acting out how it would affect her. Lots of eye rolling, tongue hanging out, puffed cheeks, gasping, slurring, and rubber legs. She falls down each time and twitches as she’s out on the floor, before getting back up more and more dazed as she goes on. She demonstrates a number of moves, such as leg pin, vice grip, low blow, belly punch, head bonk, heart punch etc. “What did you think? I know SK can’t resist my over the top reactions. I’m definitely the best jobber out there. I want to end this with an official challenge. ‘I want to take on Tiny! With me playing the jobber and Tiny as my opponent it’ll definitely be the best squash video ever!”

As some of you know, Kayla Obey is planning on taking a trip to SKW in Feb, but before I actually knew what day she was going to be making her SKW debut, I ordered this custom hoping that one day she would make that trip. Taking a script from a friend and modifying it to my own means, I had Kayla literally audition to join SKW. Of course it’s packed with all my usual traits, lots of OTT reactions, yoga shorts, sports bra and converse. Kayla totally goes all out and completely nailed the script. She starts off bragging about how good she is at selling OTT reactions, making sure say to say all the things I added for her to say and then goes off on this amazing demonstration, calling out each move before she does it then reacting perfectly OTT. I love that she gets more dazed and exhausted along the way, I love that a few times she can’t get back to her feet, or just doesn’t bother too, so she does the next move sitting. I’m glad she only did that a few times too, I like the idea, but it was better to have her standing and then fall, so she did it just the right about and didn’t over do. I got a few struggling, twitchy leg hook pins too, which I of course loved. This is definitely the most OTT reactions I have ever seen from Kayla, which is what I hoped for. Great eye rolling, tongue protrusion and of course lots and lots of twitching. Then when she does her final move and pin, she hops up like happened and goes back to talking about how good her selling is and she closes out making a challenge, if you will, to Tiny, saying she would make an excellent jobber against him, to make the best squash video ever. Of course I asked her to say that and for good reason. I’ve already ordered her vs Tiny in what will be an incredible squash for all of us to see. Again Kayla has not only satisfied, but amazed me. The only thing I would ask of her for in my next custom is to have to KO scenes last a little longer, there’s just so much to see and enjoy while she’s out that it seemed she was waking up kind of fast. Otherwise, this was perfection and jobbing at its finest, there’s a ton of action jammed in here and the pacing was pretty fast, which kept the whole thing exciting. Overall, I absolutely loved this video, it has made me even more excited for her first SKW visit and I’ll have even more ideas for her when she gets back home too.

Overall score: 11/10