Review of Skin To Win

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Review of Sarah’s Sexy ShenanigansSkin To Win – 11 mins

Sarah Brooke and Hannah Perez do battle in a unique fantasy boxing match in which the goal isn’t to knock out your opponent outright, but rather to strip them of their clothes before they can strip you of yours one KO at a time. The fight is fierce as each is determined get the other naked first. The two beauties trade knockdowns back and forth, until both are left in just their panties setting up a dramatic final round! High stakes action between two gorgeous women here!

A nice strip boxing match here that stars Sarah Brooke vs Hannah Perez. I found it in Sarah’s store. For starters I love both these ladies, they are both clearly super sexy and can sell it, no matter who comes out on top. So, any fantasy combat with these two is an easy sell for me. The strip boxing idea is also another great selling point as it pretty much promises more that on KO, which is always a plus and a little nudity is always welcomed. The boxing action here isn’t the best I’d ever seen, but I love the exaggerated reactions to the punches and Hannah does a wonderful job being punch drunk. The battle is pretty even as both ladies do end up topless before the final KO, but for the most part it’s Hannah on the reviving end and therefor gives us the best part of the show, getting one near KO and one total KO, which Sarah has to wake her up from, before her final total KO. Overall this fits the bill for me as a fun and light hearted boxing showdown. The reactions really make this one worth checking as Hannah again proves to be a glorious jobber.

Overall Score: 8.5/10