Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSIX ROUNDS WITH CALI LOGAN – 19 mins

We fade in to Cali in a tiny orange/black bikini donning a pair of black boxing gloves, shadow boxing and clearly doing some warming up for a match. Cali practices all styles of punches, showcasing her prowess in the art of boxing. Enter: you. You’ve come to take Cali on. She finds this laughable, and goes as far as to say so, highlighting the fact that she’s undefeated. Shrugging her shoulders, she agrees to the bout, proclaiming that at least ‘it’ll be fun for me’. Oh, but it will be fun for somebody… Cali starts off strong, swinging some powerful hooks as well as striking forward with jabs. Unfortunately, her attempts are all near misses and you narrowly escape. The first moment that Cali drops her guard, you land your first punch, rocking the tiny boxer. Cali is shaken up a bit, but shrugs it off fast enough mumbling that ‘whatever, you just got lucky..’, before regaining her fighters stance.’ Cali’s attempts at landing a blow continue to miss, and once again, you find a window of opportunity. This time, you land not one, not two, but THREE incredibly powerful jabs that bring Cali to her knees. With another jab, Cali is down flat on the mats! You take this opening to deliver some brutal belly blows, relishing in the soft smacking sound of your glove when it reaches its mark. Cali bucks and oof’s with each blow, getting more and more breathless. You motion to Cali to stand, beckoning her upward… she complies as best she can, only to be met with a cruel uppercut that sends her soaring into unconsciousness, out cold with her derriere in the air for all to see. The camera pans as you issue a 10 count for round 1. Things don’t get much better for Cali in the subsequent rounds. For an undefeated fighter, she quickly becomes completely defeated in this bout. Round by round she is toyed with and dominated with an artful display of jabs, hooks, upper cuts and belly punches. By the end of round 2, Cali is punch drunk, barely keeping it together enough to stay on two feet. Round 3 brings it’s own surprise when you remove your boxing gloves and continue the punching domination bare knuckled, with no mercy. You watch Cali as she attempts her feeble defenses, stumbles, and walks right into your punches for the duration of the fight. She is well and truly your punching bag, just as you like her. Cali never seems to lose hope, though, every once and a while mumbling to herself along the lines of “don’t worry, I can do better…”. By the time you venture into Round 6, Cali is more or less asleep on her feet, only semi-aware of her surroundings and seeing double. Cross eyed and dazed, your flurry of jabs illicit the softest of grunts from her as they make contact. You mix up the jabs with some belly punches, hoping to keep Cali hanging around the world of the conscious for a while longer. When Cali finally falls, it’s to the power of your uppercut. She’s down, but not quite out yet… a strong jab sends her off completely. You check her limbs for limpness before doing your final 10 count, enjoying your victory over the FORMERLY undefeated champion, Cali Logan. After the 10 count, Cali slowly comes to… pushes herself up off the ground, weakly, and whispers, “Why don’t you just end it and put me out of my misery, you son of a bitch?”. Ever the gentleman, you of COURSE comply with the lady’s request.  You leave, and moments later she wakes up, muttering a final insult before rolling her eyes and passing out COLD!”

It’s not too often that week get POV vids from SKW or boxing vids for that matter and it’s also been quite a long while since Cali Logan has starred in an SKW production, but obviously we get all of those in this outstanding video. Cali and SK team up to deliver us the best POV clip of SKW history. I love almost everything about this video, minus one thing that just bothers the crap out of me and that’s dirty feet. I don’t even care much for clean bare feet, and much greatly prefer boots or shoes, but for some reason or another dirty feet bother me. They are just a huge distraction and I can’t stand it. But other than that pet peeve of mine, this video is literally flawless. Cali is such I great jobber, I’ve been saying this about her forever, because she always has been a fantastic seller. I love that she starts out so cocky and instantly gets crushed.  If I was her I definitely would have blame SK for using loaded gloves, as quickly as she goes down I think she would have a good case. I love that we get multiple KOs in this vid, all of them with excellent reactions, punch drunkenness and great KO poses. I also love that Cali gets weaker as the match goes on, each KO having a lasting effect or her that multiples as the round go on. And of course I love the extra KO at the end, where Cali gets up for moment only to pass out again and start twitching, the only twitching in the entire video. There is no doubt in my mind that this is SKW’s best POV ever, but nothing too special for Cali, she’s always giving us quite a show in a video from one of her many c4s stores. Honestly, clean feet, boots or shoes and this would be a perfect 10.

Overall Score: 9.9/10