Review of Sinn Sage’s Plaything

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSinn Sage’s Plaything – 15.5 Mins

BeccaThis fun custom video opens with Becca in the dressing room talking on her cell phone to the match coordinator. It seems that our blond wrestler is being asked to do a “sexy” wrestling match against the visiting Sinn Sage. She politely refuses saying that she won’t do something like that on camera and that she actually doesn’t find Sinn that attractive. Suddenly someone taps Becca on the shoulder and we pan back to find that Sinn has been listening! She grabs the cell phone and smashes it into Becca’s face then drags the shocked girl out to the studio to begin this one sided destruction! The beat down is filled with punches, stomps, low blows, turnbuckle head smashes, head butts to belly and crotch, and lots of taunting. As the match progresses Sinn Sage gets increasingly turned on and at the end of a long beating poor Becca finally agrees to do a sexy video with Sinn only to be told “You’re not my type!” then knocked out with a stunner! Sinn caresses the hair of her unconscious opponent, says “Your loss!”, and leaves. We loved having the amazing Sinn Sage visit and hope we’ll see her again real soon!

Yes, another awesome Becca squash for FWR. There is no way I could ever get tired of seeing the amazing Becca being the incredible jobber she is and this time it’s extra special as, the legend, Sinn Sage is running the show. Sinn is a mean and dirty heel. There good amount of low blows, Sinn even using her skull as a weapon, also lots of punches to the face and body. Becca is pretty much out of it from the get go and it only get worse for Becca as the match goes on. Speaking of the beginning, the look on Becca’s face when Sinn taps on her shoulder, priceless. Becca also gets stripped out of her street clothes before this beatdown really gets rolling. This is a great beatdown, lots of trash talking, lots of brutality and plenty of KOs on the totally overwhelmed Becca. We even get a little twitching from Becca after the final stunner KO. I love having Sinn as the heel, her evil smile and great taunting is perfect. As I said, this is an awesome Becca squash and having Sinn is just an added bonus.

Overall Score: 9.5/10