Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSINN SAGE vs MONROE – 29 Mins

SinnWe fade in on Sinn Sage as she listens to a voice mail from Nikki Fierce warning of her that SKW rookie Monroe has her eyes set on taking her down… if only to make a name for herself! Sinn smiles as we cut to Monroe standing by a huge bag of knockout toys. She tells SK that she’s ready for Sinn… and that she’s even prepared to drug her water to make SURE she gets the win. We watch as Monroe pours a sedative into Sinn’s bottle… only to have Sinn sneak up and attack Monroe from behind! Sinn giggles as she easily forces Monroe to drink gulp after gulp of the drugged concoction, until all Monroe can do is waver for a second and collapse to the mats, out cold! What follows is definitely one of the more playful and devious beatdowns we’ve ever seen, with Sinn turning heel like a pro and completely destroying / humiliating Monroe, who may very well be one of the most impressive jobbers SKW has yet to see! A finale featuring a dog collar is worth the price alone, but the rest is still SINN-fully sweet!!

So, I wouldn’t call Monroe the most impressive jobber that SKW has EVER seen, that might be a little much, but she is without a doubt very impressive. Monroe caught my eye with her selling ever since her debut and only 2 videos later, I absolutely lovely her. She did such an amazing job in this vid, if you haven’t seen her in action yet, now is definitely the time. She excellently delivers an over the top performance with plenty of drooling, whether overflow from Sinn pouring the tainted water down her throat or from being tazed or temple drilled. Monroe is just about out of the whole time thanks to the drugged water and she goes totally limp after her second dose, where Sinn then piledrivers her, just for good measure. An outstanding jobber performance. Then there’s Sinn who really just has too much fun dominating the drugged rookie. Sinn adds just the right mixture of humor, cruelty and sexiness. With Monroe selling her ass off, all the fun KO toys and the lovely Sinn Sage is a combination that I just couldn’t be happier with and a show you guys just can’t miss.

Overall score: 10/10