Review of Sinn Sage vs Constance

Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasSinn Sage vs Constance – 12 mins

Both ladies dressed in shiny leotards, and shiny pantyhose meet up in the ring. After introductions they get into a lock up and away the match begins. Constance had the upper hand for a while, before Sinn gave her a major cuntbust that forced Constance to her knees. Then Sinn started giving pain to Constance. This made Constance weak but mad. Did she seek revenge or did Sinn beat her in this match?

I am such a fan of these shiny leotards that Constance uses in her pro matches. I almost always get them coupled with Converse boots and knee pads, which I love so much. The action isn’t too great, which at this point, I know what the action is going to be like and I still buy the clips, so I can’t really complain about it. The only real thing I need to complain about is the lighting. They are under such a bright light. At times it looks like they are getting abducted by aliens. I joke, but it was really bad. Sinn Sage verses Constance is really the battle of the booties and these shiny outfits really show that off, very well. As I mentioned, the combat is only decent at best but, the selling is pretty good. Both Sinn and Constance are legendary performers and no matter what role they are in, they are going to sell it well. The match ends with a great KOs and Sinn Sage taking a nap, followed by a pin and victory pose. Overall, even though the actual wrestling isn’t the best looking thing around, I do love these matches and these outfits. I also love Sinn and Constance, they are beautiful people and excellent performers. Getting to see them working together is simply pure eye candy.

Overall Score: 8.5/10