Review of Sinn Sage Gets Out Boxed

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSinn Sage Gets Out Boxed – 10 Mins

sinnAre you ready to box with the formidable Sinn Sage? She’s a tough cookie and delivers a powerful punch that will knock you off your feet. She’ll trash talk you, taunt you, get in your face, and sucker punch you. But you’re tough enough to what she dishes out and fight hard with your own powerful punches. Round one ends as you and Sinn are trading punches. Round two ends with you being saved by the bell. Round three finds a confident Sinn getting in your face but you surprise her with a huge punch that drops her! She rises angrily and you both trade HARD punches until she weakens and finds herself on the ropes. You work her over and down she goes, just barely getting to her feet before the 10 count. She is obviously tired and you work her over with punches until she finally kisses the canvas for good. Pat yourself on the back! You just defeated the sexy Sinn Sage!!! 🙂

More great POV action from FWR with you coming out on top of your sexy opponent. This time that super sexy opponent being the one and only Sinn Sage. I’ve been a huge fan of Sinn for the longest time and getting to see her defeated in this match was love at first sight. Sinn did put up quite a fight, as you battle her for control. I would say that Sinn had a little more time in control then the other POV matches, but of course is eventually is defeated just like the others. I would have liked to see a little more of you in control, but that definitely didn’t ruin anything for me. I love these POVs for getting to look into your opponent’s eyes as she tries hard to be tough, but soon looks dazed and exhausted, which still happen here with Sinn. Also, I love how most bikini’s struggle to contain that award winning booty, which also happens here. In the end this is another awesome POV vid and a total joy to watch the lovely Sinn take that 10 count KO.

Overall Score: 9.5/10