Review of Shower Plaything

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Review of Kayla ObeyShower Plaything – 5 mins

Kayla is knocked out as she takes a shower. She comes to slowly, confused before being knocked out again. Her limp wet body is placed in several different poses, helpless.

This is a quick and easy one, just like the description for this vid. We watch as Kayla jumps in the shower, with a bikini on, unfortunately, but anyway, she soaps a bit and then gets KO’d. There’s a quick wake up before she gets KO’d again, then we get what was pretty much as slideshow of a dripping wet Kayla in a bunch of different positions. This is as easy as it gets, I love seeing Kayla out cold in a bunch of different positions and her being all wet is definitely a plus. This one does make me laugh a bit too, because as the scenes change I keep thinking about Kayla spinning around that tub trying to find different positions to lie in. Overall, it would have been great to see someone one putting limp Kayla in these poses, but since that’s not possible this is a good as it gets. I can’t complain about that.

Overall Score: 8.5/10