Review of Should Have Paid More Attention

Review of DefeatedShould Have Paid More Attention – 20 mins

This video starts off with Meryl and Thea both introducing themselves to the camera, they’re both full confident in their victory for their upcoming match versus each other. The match starts and both ladies are fully dressed. Meryl takes advantage first, over powering Thea and starting her domination of Thea with a sleeper hold. This open up Meryl chance to deliver more punishment, continuing on to a figure four head scissors, then a camel clutch and finally a crossface, all with hand smothering. With Thea weakened, Meryl takes this time to strip Thea down to a bikini and herself down to just her bikini bottoms. Unfortunately, Meryl takes too much time taunting and posing for the camera that she doesn’t notice that Thea has recovered and is now behind her. Thea takes full advantage of Meryl not paying attention and attacks from behind. From here on out Thea remains in control, starting her domination off with a dragon sleeper on the now topless Meryl. Thea carries out her torture using a camel clutch, a cross face, a knee to the throat, several head scissors, as sleeper hold, and another dragon sleeper, with plenty of hand smothers and nipple torture along the way before finally putting weakened Meryl out of her misery with on last sleeper hold. Thea goes for a 10 count pin, and a victory pose, before laying on top of the sleeping Meryl giving her a bit of breast smother as Thea happily declares herself as the winner.

Got more Defeated action coming at you guys and I think I need to say right off the bat just how happy I am to see the ladies doing battle in street clothes. I mean Thea’s “street clothes” might be a little sexier then what she would actually wear on the street, but I still think it’s close enough to count. And even though the street clothes don’t last too long it was nice and just different, at this point in our wrestling world, to see just regular clothing for a little while. Of course Meryl strips Thea down to a bikini and herself down to just her bikini bottoms before too long. Meryl, I guess, got lost in her own beauty as this is when Thea takes control. I enjoyed Thea losing for the first bit, and really have enjoyed Thea entirely thus far, but I love that Meryl lost in the end and she’s the topless one too, so that definitely doesn’t hurt. They both do well winning or losing and they are roughly the same size, so this battle makes sense, either girl could have won and they both would had looked great KO’d at the end, still happy it was Meryl though. The wrestling action is good, nothing too new or crazy happened, just some normal well done wrestling action. Thea’s victory pose is unique as she lays on top over Meryl, smothering the KO’d girl, just as happy as can be. Overall, I’m excited for new clothing options at Defeated and more action from these two lovely ladies is definitely something I look forward to as well.

Overall Score: 8.5/10