Review of Shiva / Funny KO’s

Review of DID MoviesShiva / Funny KO’s – 17 Mins

ShivaIn the opening scene, Shiva gets a few hammers smacked on her pretty head & she begins to laugh as she falls unconscious on the floor…  Waldo drags limp Shiva towards the bed, lifts her up & puts her on the bed.  He positions her & does a little eye check to see if she’s really out.  He starts playing with her hands & fingers & moves towards her sexy legs…  At this point, Shiva is waking up again.  A big hammer knocks her silly again…  As she’s sitting there very dazed from the blow to her head, it only takes a small punch from another hammer to knock her lights out again.  She wakes up again only to have the same thing happen once more!  A blow from the big hammer & she becomes very goofy, a smaller hammer knocks her almost out (she falls back onto the bed, but she’s very dazed again & everything’s ringing in her head)  Shiva hears music in her head & starts to sing along, just as Waldo hits her one more on the head…  Now she’s unconscious again!  Time for Waldo to do a lot of limp play & ragdolling.  Shiva’s sexy high heels are removed too & her shoes are placed on the bed…  As Waldo plays with her feet, Shiva regains her composure just a little bit & she sits up, still very silly & woozy…  Again, it takes about 3 blows to the head until she finally blacks out & falls back onto the bed…  (more superb “silly” expressions by our Damsel Shiva, during the hits on her head 🙂  Waldo hits her knees with his hammer, to test unconscious Shiva’s reflex-actions of her legs.  Her legs flop up & swing back down about half a dozen times.  Waldo pulls the limp body of Shiva up & positions himself behind her so he can lay Shiva on his lap.  He starts to play with Shiva’s arms and legs flop around like crazy.  Waldo uses Shiva’s arms & hands & fingers to manipulate her face into funny expressions…  In the finale of this Damsel video, Waldo uses a spray bottle to get the chloroform on a small batch of flowers.  As Shiva wakes up very woozy, he makes the beautiful girl smell the flowers!  Shiva is so dazed & confused, she smells the flowers…  It makes her sneeze just a bit & now she’s so over the top silly & sleepy…  It’s impossible for her to get away…  As Shiva always falls back onto the bed, Waldo keeps pulling her back up towards the flowers.  Finally, Shiva is completely drifting in dreamland once more…  Waldo drags her out of bed & outside the bedroom…

Got some silly KOs action from DID Movies, staring this beautiful, blue haired girl, named Shiva. Her blue hair has got to be my favorite thing about Shiva, and she even dyed her eyebrows to match her hair color. From the very start of this vid you can tell this one is going to be a lot of fun as Shiva runs in with two foam hammers and introduces herself and the video. Shiva gives us some great silly reactions as the hammers bounce off her head, as well as a wide array of silly sound FX, from bonks and birdies to bells and whistles, well, maybe not whistles. Once she’s out, the masked man does a great job of checking out all of Shiva, playing with her face, arms, legs and feet. She stays out for a good amount of time each KO allowing some great limp play. Shiva wakes up a number of times and is always really silly and really dizzy as she gets KO’d again. I love the expressions she makes, smiling while rolling and crossing her eye and just making silly faces. I also love the last drag, as Shiva’s limp body is dragged off bed and out of the room. This vid does a really great job of delivering nice silly KOs and good quality limp play all in one nice, little, blue haired package.

Overall Score: 9/10