Review of Shiva Carnivora’s Halloween Special 2015

Review of DID MoviesShiva Carnivora’s Halloween Special 2015 – 18.5 Mins

DIDExpect: A “creepy” intro, nudity, several chloros, lots of limp play & ragdolling, very long impressive carry scene, and a “disturbing” ending. We don’t want to spoil your Halloween + your experience of watching this gem of a freaky Damselvideo for the first time 🙂

Some of this vid was asked to be kept a secret for those who buy it can have the trill of the unknown on their first play through, so you won’t be getting any spoilers from me. This is vid a combination of horror film and a sleepy vid, so if like DID movies and Jason Voorhees, this video has you’re name all over it. Now I scare super easily when it comes to horror flicks and this one definitely has that horror movie vibe for the intro, but even I wasn’t too nervous watching this. Once you get passed the creepy intro it really turns in to a very nice sleepy vid, lots of chloro KOs, half consciousness, and limp play. Carnivora is totally naked from the jump and that never changes. There’s a nice long carry after all the limp stuff in done inside that leads to an ending where the horror movie vibe and the Jason Voorhees thing comes back in full effect. Obviously not going to say what happened, but it’s crazy and Carnivora sells the crap out of it. So, if you’re looking for a sleepy horror movie, with an awesome chick, look no further, but if you’re not so into horror movies but just want to see Carnivora KO’d a few times and carried around, you can still grab this one, for that is where I stand and I still enjoyed it.

Overall Score: 9/10