Review of Shhh, Go Back to Sleep

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Review of Cali’s CustomsShhh, Go Back to Sleep – 40.5 Mins

HannahReporter Hannah Perez gets more than she bargains for when she investigates the wrong man. He is a known slave trader and she sneaks into his apartment looking for clues not only to write the story of the year, but to also gain notoriety for putting him in jail. It turns out that he was prepared for her arrival however, and is more than happy to have some fun with her before selling her off to the next batch of eager buyers. To prepare her for the auction, he makes sure she is nice and sleepy. Strips her down to her underwear and takes some limp promo pics. He carries her around from room to room as needed and any tine she wakes up, he sends her right back to dream land. The bidding begins and as predicted, he gets a very good offer for the brunette beauty. A few more K0s before he dresses her sleeping body and binds her up, finally throwing her over his shoulder to make the delivery. *** For a similar Male/Female Limp Play Scenario, Check Out FIGHTING SLEEP with Cali Logan and Lance

Fastest 40+ minute vid I’ve seen in a while, which means I was having too much fun watching this. This one definitely reminds me of FIGHTING SLEEP, which was amazing as well. It follows the same general idea, lots of awesome limp play, several KOs, strip down to bra and panties, a little light bondage, and redress, carry away ending. This is definitely a case of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, because it was a great idea then and it’s a great idea now. Plus this one may follow the same idea, but it’s a completely different video. Hannah is absolutely perfect, she’s super limp and ragdolled for most of the vid, she freaked out and tries to get away, or begs for mercy when she’s awake, she sells the KOs with great struggling and nice eyerolling, especially during the belly punching KO, which it was also nice to get a few “overkill” punches after Hannah was clearly out, you couldn’t ask for a better performance. The Slave trader is also perfect, didn’t talk too much, he’s cold and merciless, yet still having his fun with his new toy and he’s strong enough to control and toss Hannah around effortlessly. A fantastic sleepy, damsel in distress, sexy limp play vid that should not be missed.

Overall Score: 9.9/10