Review of SHE’S GOT LEGS 8

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSHE’S GOT LEGS 8 – 20 mins

A mouthy (and lovely) Sparrow Summers trash-talks Serena for not accepting a recent “scissors only” submission challenge, only to have the powerful SKW veteran show up and agree to take her on!   A smiling Sparrow locks up with Serena in an opening test of strength only to be pulled RIGHT into a brutal bodyscissors that Serena wrenches with glee.  Sparrow is completely outmatched, but she defiantly resists the temptation to submit, no matter how hard Serena squeezes.  This leads to a barrage of neck/body scissor combos that wear the tiny Sparrow down, leaving her breathless and dazed as Serena takes her time.  The blonde uses her amazingly powerful thighs to drain Sparrow until an intense side body scissors finally elicits a submission from the devastated jobber!   Serena isn’t done, however, and uses her thighs and glutes to apply pressure to Sparrow’s throat until she has no choice but to go to sleep! A final leghook pin and victory pose seals the deal, as Serena claims her win over the dozing Sparrow!

So, it’s not often that I review scissors only/SHE’S GOT LEGS videos, as most of the time I don’t really enjoy them, even though FWR Rick has made me enjoy scissors much more then I used to. But add some one I really love, aka Sparrow, make it totally one sided and you’ve successfully peaked my interest. In fact I think the last one of these series I reviews, and maybe the only one was a similar idea with Eve in “SHE’S GOT LEGS 6”. Anyway, this one starts off with Sparrow talking trash about Serena trying to avoid fighting her, and Sparrow doesn’t change her tone when Serena walks up and taps on her shoulder. I love Sparrow’s trash talk, probably my only mistake with my customs is not giving Sparrow a chance to talk, because she always says something that makes me laugh. Well, Sparrow’s tone does change once Serena gets her legs wrapped around her. She doesn’t give up right away, but she’s definitely lost her cockiness. Which of course is another thing I love, the once cocky jobber, suddenly humbled and helpless. Serena puts Sparrow through a wide array of scissor holds, all of them making Sparrow’s eyes cross and her tongue protrude, which you know I love. There’s a few near KOs in there and an eventual submission, but lucky for me it doesn’t end there. Serena decides to KO Sparrow with this almost face sit move, that I don’t know what they call, nonetheless, it causes more eye crossing, more tongue protrusion and of course knocks Sparrow out cold. Serena does a beautiful leg hook pin and leaves Sparrow spread eagle and not twitching, sadly, but that’s ok, it’s something different to have Sparrow play the jobber and not twitching wildly, so I’m ok with it, this time. But plain and simple, you squash Sparrow, and I’m going to watch and I’m going to love it.

Overall Score: 9.5/10