Review of She Loves Me Not

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Review of Controlled in Fetishland She Loves Me Not – 21 mins

*This was inspired by inspector gadget episode “Movie Set”* Hannah and her gang are crafty women who manipulate situations — and those involving men particularly— to their advantage. The scene begins with Hannah briefing her associates Annabelle and Sumiko on their next mission. It involves a man named Ray who is known to be “dangerous”. In fact, Ray is just a big clutz whose mishaps Often result in disaster. Sumiko has plotted to trap Ray by seduction. She invites him over under the pretense of being a talent scout for a movie. He arrives and is immediately smitten by her. Then follow several attempts to convince Ray to appear in this “movie”. Throughout the course of this episode, sloppy moves by Ray cause the women to run into walls, run into each other, get sleepy ragged, have a crash landing into a couch, get spun around into a dizzy oblivion etc. In the final scene the three women stand helpless and afraid as they see Ray ascends into the air and prepares to crash down on them from overhead. They end in a three girl body pile, a visible mess from this disaster, groaning and grunting but unable to do much else about it.

This one was pointed out to me by one of you guys. I have been known to love videos that can be considered ridiculous and or silly. Well, this is one for the record books, as one of the silliest, most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. This video story is something I can only describe as convoluted, reading the description does help a little, but it’s still pretty crazy. The scenes themselves had me laughing out loud and face palming at the same time. I’ve never seen the particular Inspector Gadget video this script is based off, so I’m guess that some of the scenes that I didn’t fully understand the need for are based off something from that. A few of the scene go on too long, and really I only mean this scene near the end where the girls are begging and pleading for Ray not to fall on them, or drop stuff on them, it was like 2 minutes of the girls just begging their asses off, funny for a little while, but that was too much for me. All that aside, there is some sexy action in here, too silly KOs, accidental KOs, stuck in the couch, lots of bare feet, some heels, bodies and other kind of random silliness. It’s like a random grab bag of fetish content and laugher. I haven’t really seen anything like this before, but it was quite ridiculous. Overall, this one is more funny than sexy, I really enjoyed the laughs and the randomness, but it’s not all that focuses on any one fetish too much, maybe bare feet and silly KOs would the most common theme.

Overall Score: 8/10