Review of Shannon vs Onyx

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Review of Hit the MatShannon vs Onyx (Silly Boxing) – 21 mins

Shannon vs Onyx (HTMV61) Silly Boxing is available once again! Originally an exclusive, this female boxing match follows in the footsteps of Frankie Z vs Raquel with lots of comedic knockouts, knocked-silly eye rolls, trash talking and fun action. Originally released in 2010.

A great old school silly boxing video that really has a ton the silly content we all love to see in a good over the top boxing video. Both Shannon and Onyx do a great job being incredibly over the top. At first I thought Shannon was better, because she really did great with being really silly and tongue protrusion, but then noticed that Onyx had a moments of really good eyerolling and was also well of the top with the silliness. There was also more knockdowns that you could count, which is great. I think it’s safe to say they spent more time hitting the mats and working their way back to their feet, then they spent standing up and fighting, which is also a very good thing. I would love to have a modern day version of this one with maybe Lauren and Sam Grace or Kym or Misty that would be amazing. But this one was a lot of fun and I’m glad they re-released it.

Overall Score: 9/10